Test-Prep Tips for Teachers & Students

Test-Prep Tips for Teachers & Students | Remedia Publications

Test Giving Tips
Take some of the anxiety and anticipation out of test day by making your classroom a test-friendly environment.
•  Set the mood by playing calming music as students come into class.

•  Give tests at the beginning of the day when students' attentions are still alert and focused.

•  Give your students each a magic pencil (no. 2 of course)--they come in fun colors and designs. Or get creative and have students decorate their no. 2 pencil with glitter and stickers the day before the test to help them relieve some pre-test stress.

•  Have extra sharpened pencils available in case of breaks so students aren't sharpening pencils during the test.

•  Stock your classroom with plenty of books for students who finish tests quickly.
Test-Prep Tips for Teachers & Students | Remedia Publications
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•  Have student turn finished tests in to the back of the classroom. This can be less distracting for students still taking the test and lessen any anxiety they may have for not finishing as quickly as their peers.

•  Get the wiggles out between tests: jumping jacks, stretching, pencil sharpening, bathroom break, etc.

•  Celebrate when testing is finished! Get party ideas from our Party Time! Pinterest board for great ideas.

Need some more help?
Check out Remedia's materials geared towards improving test-taking skills.

Test Taking Tips
Download the FREE You can do it! Test-Taking Tips poster and bonus activity.

Listening to Directions Activity
When taking some tests, students must listen to directions. The following activity is designed to help improve listening skills. Read the directions to the students. Each student will need a pencil and a sheet of paper. Repeat them only once. (Print this activity.)

1.  Fold your paper in half.

2.  Fold your paper in half again. You now have fourths.

3.  Fold your paper in half two more times. When you open your paper, there should be sixteen squares.

4.  In square #1, write your whole name.

5.  In square #2, to the right of #1, draw a rectangle.

6.  In the third square, write your favorite color.

7.  In square #4, write the name of your school.

8.  In the fifth square, write your phone number.

9.  In the next square, write your grade level.

10.  In the seventh square, write the name of your best friend.

11.  In square #8, write the punctuation mark that comes at the end of this sentence: “Where are you going?”

12.  In the next square, write the name of your favorite TV show.

13.  In box #10, write the punctuation mark that goes at the end of this sentence: “Walk, don’t run!”

14.  Write the sum of 8 plus 6 in square #11

15.  Another word for “unhappy” is _____. Write it in square #12.

16.  The opposite of white is _____. Put the answer in square #13.

17.  Write the name of your state in square #14.

18.  Write the name of this month in square #15.

19.  In square #16, write one word that describes you.

These tips and activities came from our Test-Taking Strategies reproducible activity book.
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What are your tips for preparing for testing?