Drive-Thru Menu Math Stations

Drive-Thru Menu Math Stations | Remedia Publications
Beep beep! Honk honk! Put students in the driver's seat with these realistic math stations. Your students will love hopping in the car and heading out to get lunch at the drive-thru--no driver's license required. Bonus, these math stations are great for any level.

What You'll Need
  • Get your hands on any of our Menu Math activity books that come with full color menus, and that means no prep necessary. Plus, they are packed with reproducible practice pages and come in multiple levels.
  • Snap a picture. Next time you're at your favorite drive-thru restaurant, take a picture of the menu, print it, and then laminate.
  • Make your own kid-friendly menu.
Pencils and Paper
Chairs, four per station

Create several stations, or let's call them "restaurants," throughout your classroom. At each restaurant have a menu (or a few copies of the menu for each student), pencils, and paper. Split students into groups of four or five, but no more than five. Assign one student per station to be the cashier; this student will take the orders.