Save Yourself from Repeating Yourself

Some students need instructions repeated, and that's okay! But you can head-off confusion and interuptions by using these seven tricks that will help you avoid the “What are we supposed to do?” question after you’ve already given your students instructions.

1. Please, get out a pen and paper.
If you’re giving big instructions explaining the giant essay that students must complete by Friday, with 631 words, double-spaced, in curlz font on the topic of deforestation (please don’t do this to your kiddos), you may want to make sure that they are writing these details down.

2. What page did you say?
Designate a spot on your board for important information that your students can always know to refer to. For example, if you are asking them to complete the questions on page 85 of their math textbook, write that on the board. This will help avoid the “What page did you say?” question.