These Activities are Absurd!

These activities are absurd! | Critical thinking activities from Remedia Publications
More like these activities are all about absurdities, and they are intended to help your students grasp this critical thinking skill. 

The funny thing about absurdities is that they entertain and build thinking skills. Absurdities are a key component of humor. Because they are fun, absurd activities can turn a reluctant learner into an eager student.  And we all need a little more humor in our lives!

But absurdities have a serious side too! They are an effective teaching tool for problem solving and decision making.  Students become more aware of the need to analyze the logic in something and apply common sense reasoning to communication. As students do this, their skills in making judgments and finding solutions increases.

These fun, clever, and absurd activities will improve students' critical thinking skills!

Fall is Here!

Fall is here! Activities and Free Download | Remedia Publications
For adults, fall means that we can start sipping on pumpkin spice lattes and wearing scarves. For our students it means it's time to learn about the changing of the seasons...and that Halloween is almost here.  Let us help you ring in the fall season with a free worksheet download and some fun fall-themed activities.