Holiday Gift Guide for Teachers

Holiday Gift Guide for Teachers | Remedia Publications

It can be hard to compete with those adorable student-made gifts that the teacher in your life will inevitably get this holiday season. But we’ve gathered 12 exceptional gifts sure to please your special teacher whether he or she is your co-worker, friend...or yourself.

1. Comfy Shoes
It’s no surprise, teachers are on their feet all day! Treat them to a stylish and comfortable pair of shoes. Like these Crocs™.

2. Cup Sleeve
Fueling up with hot coffee or tea is a must. Show your favorite teacher some love with an adorable Coffee Cozy from Catherine Mason. Starting at $10.

3. One-Year Subscription to
A membership to gives teachers a year of unlimited math, reading, writing, and science worksheet downloads for only $49.95.

5 Gift-Themed Activities

5 Gift-Themed Activities that Students will Love | Remedia Publications
‘Tis the seasons for celebrations and gift giving! It's easy to make this generous season part of your math, writing, science, and thinking lessons with these tips. Plus students will love giving and receiving these gift-themed activities.

Gift Stations ~ Math
Fill several different size boxes with random dollar store gifts and wrap them or use the dollar store gift boxes--no wrapping necessary. Then, put the gifts at different gift stations: one station for measuring, one for weighing, and one for word problems. Split students into groups and rotate them through each gift station. Have students work together to answer the questions you’ve left at each gift station.

Word Problems Gift Station: Tape a word problem to the bottom of each gift. Ask students solve one or all of the problems on each gift. Or to further challenge your students, ask them to determine which gift is the largest or heaviest, and then have them only answer the word problem on the bottom of that gift.

Measurement Gift Station: Ask students to measure each box’s width, height, length and determine which is the largest, smallest, and tallest gift.

Weight Gift Station: Do the same as the Measurement Stations with weight related questions.

Celebrity Gift ~ Writing
Because gift giving is so special, it should take a lot of thought and planning. Ask students to think about what they might give to their favorite celebrity or character from a book. They can pick the celebrity or have students pick one person from list. Then have write about the gift they would give. Ask student to describe the gift and why they chose it for that person.

Celebrity Suggestions: Santa Clause, the President, Walter Payton, J.K. Rowling, Miley Cyrus, One Direction, Bart Simpson, Justin Timberlake, Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games).

For more inspiration and mini biographies to help students know what to choose as a gift, have students read any one of our Celebrity Readers stories.