How to Use Your Struggling Readers' Interests to Teach Reading

Whether you have a non-reading teenager or a fourth-grader who is reading below grade level, it is key to grab your students’attention and hold it in order to motivate and teach them.

Start by determining your struggling readers’ interests. This is key! Knowing what will get each of your students’ attention will help you teach so many new things! Is it music, cars, animals, sports, mysteries, zombies, or surfing? Nail that down and incorporate these four activities to help build your struggling readers’ skills.

Build these 3 Key Skills by Using Audiobooks

As you know, audiobooks are a great tool for helping your struggling readers with fluency. But there are so many other ways you can use audiobooks in the classroom! Read-along audiobooks are just another unique way to help engage your students to help improve their comprehension, listening, and thinking skills!

End-of-Year Post Card Writing Assessment

End-of-Year Post Card Writing Assessment that Meets the Common Core State Standards | Remedia Publications
Oh the things you'll see and the places you'll go this summer…especially with a little imagination! Finish the school year by having students write about a place they'd like to visit over the summer. This simple assignment will assess what students have learned over the year about writing, research, and grammar while also meeting the standards.

Spring Weather: Temperature-Reading & Graphing Activity

The seasons they are a-changin'. And so is the weather! As spring approaches, the temperatures usually rise. What a great time to teach your students about reading thermometers and graphing. This easy-to-implement and hands-on bulletin board graph and free downloads will help you do just that.