Fall is Here!

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For adults, fall means that we can start sipping on pumpkin spice lattes and wearing scarves. For our students it means it's time to learn about the changing of the seasons...and that Halloween is almost here.  Let us help you ring in the fall season with a free worksheet download and some fun fall-themed activities.

Introduce fall with this worksheet set <free download>. These worksheets are from our Season Skill-Builders: Fall (eBook). This set of five worksheets includes reading, science, following directions, and vocabulary activities. Enjoy!

Bonus! Try these simple fall activities with your students.

Fall Leaves Bulletin Board
Cover your bulletin board with green paper. Have students bring in fall leaves. Attach the leaves to bulletin board (a green background will show contrast between original color of leaves and fall colors). Have students research and label what kind of trees the leaves came from. Tips: In the spring, have students go back to these same trees to bring in the new leaves to do a compare/contrast activity.

Play What's Missing?
Place six to eight orange items (small pumpkin, carrot, orange, orange crayon, spool of orange thread, etc.) on a tray. Let students study the items. Have students turn their backs. Remove one item. Have students turn and identify the missing item. Repeat until two or three items are left.

Fall Children
Ask each student to state his/her birthday. Write it on the chalk board. Point to each name and ask class, "Was ___ born in the fall?" (September 22/23 through December 21). Put a large F by the name of each child born in fall. How many? Take it to the next level by having the students create a chart showing how many children were born in each season. 

Pump Up Your Pumpkin Lessons
Try this hands-on science activity (and more) when you are ready to introduce pumpkins to your students.

Candy Corn Activities
Fall also means that you can find candy corn stocked on the shelves at every grocery store. Here are 10 great activities using this favorite fall candy.

Primary Books about Fall
Autumn by Louis Santrey
Autumn Days by Ann Schweninger
Fall is Here! by Jane Belk Moncure
Seasons by Melvin Berger
When Autumn Comes by Charles Philip Fox
Fall is here! The #fall activities & free #worksheets will have your Ss loving the new season. via @remediapub #edchat
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How do you introduce fall to your students?