Spring Weather: Temperature-Reading & Graphing Activity

The seasons they are a-changin'. And so is the weather! As spring approaches, the temperatures usually rise. What a great time to teach your students about reading thermometers and graphing. This easy-to-implement and hands-on bulletin board graph and free downloads will help you do just that.

Educational & Tasty Candy Cane Activities

Tasty & Educational Candy Cane Activities (with Freebies) | Remedia Publications

Visions of candy canes will be dancing in your students' heads after they complete these candy cane themed (and of course educational) activities! In honor of National Candy Cane Day, on December 26, these fun activities are great for your students' minds as well as their sweet tooth.

Family Tree Project: Teaching Students About their History & Heritage

Family Tree Project: Teaching Students About their History & Heritage | Remedia Publications
As we approach Thanksgiving, it is common to discuss the first settlers, Native Americans, and the history of America. Since the first settlers, the United States has been a multi-cultural nation. What a great time to discuss, explore, and research the ethnicities and cultures that makes us unique.

As part of studying the different cultures of America, encourage students to investigate their own heritage. Where did their ancestors come from? To which ethnic groups did their ancestors belong? Set up a "Heritage" corner in your classroom. Have students bring recipes, stories, photographs, etc. that relate to their family's heritage to share with their classmates.

As you know, making learning personal, keeps students interested! Use these resources and interview questions to help students build their family tree and map their family's story. They will be working on geography, history, and research skills, all while learning about themselves.

10 Fast Finisher Activities

10 Fast Finisher Activities | Remedia Publications
What can I do now?! Answer the age-old question for your students who find themselves done before the rest of the class with these 10 Fast Finisher activities. Download our Fast Finisher Bingo (free download) game to give your fast finishers a variety of activities to complete that won't interrupt you or their classmates. Bonus! More free downloads below.

Literacy Center: Silly Synonyms Game

Literacy Center: Silly Synonyms Free Game from Remedia Publications
Literacy centers are perfect for independent study as well as cooperative learning. But it can be time consuming creating skill centers for your class. This free skill center is a sample from our Skill Center Series that features time-saving, ready-made activities for busy teachers like you!

Follow these easy steps to play this fun game that will challenge students to match similar word meanings. While playing the game, students will get plenty of practice understanding and using synonyms.