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10 Candy Corn Activities to Help Celebrate Candy Corn Day on October 30 | Remedia Publications
October 30 is Candy Corn Day. Yep, you read that right. Candy corn has a day dedicated to it! Instead of eating the entire jumbo-sized bag of candy corn you just bought to celebrate this new-found “holiday,” try incorporating it into these activities for your students.

Use these candy corn templates <free download> to use with the below activities or to decorate your classroom.

 Candy Corn Great Than/Less Than | Remedia Publications' Blog
Use the candy corn like a greater than/less than symbol. Download this free worksheet set <free download> from our Money 2 book.

Candy Corn Patters | Remedia Publications' Blog

If you buy the mixed back of candy corn that comes with two types of candy corn and mini pumpkins, students can practice making patterns with the candy.

Candy Corn Graphing | Remedia Publications' Blog
With that same bag of mixed candy corn, make a bar graph showing how many of each type of candy comes in a bag. Or give each student a hand-full of the candy. Students can make a graph using the mix of candy you’ve given them. Download this free bar graph worksheet <free download> from our Beginning Graphing reproducible activity book.

Candy Corn Adding and Subtracting | Remedia Publications' Blog
Students can practice counting, adding, or subtracting with the candy corn kernels.
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Candy Corn Spelling Words | Remedia Publications' Blog
Have students practice their sight words or spelling words.

Candy Corn Sequence | Remedia Publications' Blog
Have students write a story’s sequence on the candy corn template. 

Candy Corn Summary | Remedia Publications' Blog
Have students write the topic of a story in the top tier, the main idea in the second tier, and a short summary in the third tier of the candy corn template.

Candy Corn Synonyms | Remedia Publications' Blog
Create synonym candy corns. Using the candy corn template, have students write an overused word like “walk” on the back of the candy corn. Then have students find three new words that mean the same thing, and write those words in each tier of the candy corn. Make it into a matching game by cutting the candy corn tiers, mixing them, and challenging students find their match.

Candy Corn Crafts | Remedia Publications' blog
Get crafty! You've heard of pasta necklaces, pasta jewelry boxes, and pasta pictures. Take your candy corn to art class for a change of pace. 
Candy Corn Collage | Remedia Publications' Blog
Candy Corn Collage - Have students gather pictures from magazines that are orange, yellow and white. Students can paste the pictures to the appropriate colored section on the candy corn to create unique art pieces. If you want to give students more direction, have students find specific images such as sight words, spelling words, images that answer a math equation, images that describe themselves, images of triangles, right angles, cubes...etc. 

10 Candy Corn Activities Plus Free Downloads from Remedia Publications

How will you use yummy candy corn in your classroom?