Easy to Implement Classroom Organization

Don't let a disorganized classroom stress you out! Make this school year your most organized. All you need is a little planning and dedication. Here are a few tips (and products) to get your school-year off to a great start.

Organized Classroom

If you have a file cabinet in your classroom, make a file for each student. For confidentiality purposes assign each student a number and use this for filing. In each student's file keep any parent communication, IEPs, tests, reports, notes, etc.

Another great folder to have on-hand is a "Substitute Teacher" file. Keep notes, extra worksheets, your current lesson plan, and activities there so whoever is standing in for you is not at a loss for what to do.

Organized Traveling Teacher

If you are a traveling teacher, you may not have the luxury of a big file cabinet. Use an accordion file organizer that you can take to any classroom (and even home). These typically only have 10-15 tabs, so use them wisely.

Tab Suggestions:
- To be Graded
- To Be Returned to Students
- Letters
- Tests
- Ideas
- Monday through Friday
- Fast Finisher Worksheets
- Class Roster
- Subject/Period

Time Management

Time management is just another way to get yourself organized. The Time Timer® effectively communicates the concept of elapsed time—just watch the red dial get smaller with each minute. Great for tests, reading-time, waiting for recess, homework, games, and more!

Online Organization

Are you on Pinterest? Instead of printing every great teaching, craft, or organization idea you find online, “Pin It”! You’ll always have that great idea right at your fingertips without wasting paper or valuable file cabinet space.

You’ll likely find Pinterest just as much fun for your personal life, but also create a few boards just for your “Teaching Stuff” such as:
- Printables
- Classroom Management
- Materials I Want
- Books
- Crafts
- Specific Reading Skills
- Classroom Organization

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